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eBook Abenteuer Baltikum (german) plain text edition download

Abenteuer Baltikum plain text EPUB german
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Abenteuer Baltikum plain text EPUB german
Abenteuer Baltikum plain text EPUB german
Abenteuer Baltikum plain text EPUB german
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Chapter Guide
Wieso, weshalb, warum? (Gründe)
Funke, Sehnsucht, Reiselust (vom Anfang)
Was brauche ich denn so? (Über die Ausrüstung)
Auf ins Baltikum! (Das Laufkapitel)
Gesund und munter! (Laufen und Gesundheit)
Iss was! (Essen im Baltikum)
Wohin des Wegs? (Straßen, Wege, Orte im Baltikum)
Reisende soll man nicht aufhalten (Begegnungen mit anderen Baltikumreisenden)
Jede Jeck is anders! (Die Menschen im Baltikum)
Wo man singt, da lass dich nieder (Das Kulturkapitel)
Wie schön ist‘s auf dem Land (Landschaft und Regionen)
Was bleibt? (Eine Nachbetrachtung)

'The Baltic adventure is my very own personal run of a lifetime. It has changed me forever. In 107 days, I journeyed in running shoes along the Baltic Sea from Stralsund to Tallinn. Travelling alone, I was able to devote myself completely to nature, the people and their cultures. Strangers became friends, expectation turned into reality, boldness into self-confidence. I experienced bustling holiday resorts and lonely areas. Enjoyable breaks in the towns and cities alternated with abstinent running days. I felt the mysticism of the Baltic States, the magic of untouched nature and the diversity of people in seven countries. I discovered what I was looking for: new experiences, peace and last but not least, a lot of new things about myself. ' (Guido Lange, runner and author)

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3,99 EUR
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3,99 EUR
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