Payment / Shipping


When ordering goods, Ampelpublishing calculates the delivery costs for the physical shipping depending on the selected shipping method, the location of the recipient and the weight of the goods. Possible additional taxes and customs duties are always to be borne by the customer.

Charges / Shipping with Deutsche Post AG valid since January 1st 2022

Warenpost orGermanyEU Zone 1 CH Zone 2Rest Europe 3RU Zone 4U.S. Zone 5Rest World 6
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until 0.5 kg1,90 €3,70 €3,70 €3,70 €3,70 €3,70 €3,70 €
until 1kg2,30 €





until 2kg4,50 €4,89 €8,89 €8,89 €8,89 €8,89 €8,89 €
until 5 kg7,50 €17,99 €29,99 €30,99 €31,99 €37,99 €46,99 €
until 10 kg9,60 €22,99 €35,99 €38,99 €38,99 €54,99 €62,99 €
until 20 kg
33,99 €49,99 €53,99 €44,99 €76,99 €101,99 €
until 31,5 kg18,90 €44,99 €55,99 €60,99 €62,99 €105,99 €131,99 €

When ordering downloads, no additional delivery costs are charged.

Delivery in case of age restriction

Prior to the delivery and carriage of products with an age rating of 18 years or older, the customer undertakes to carry out an age verification procedure specified by Ampelpublishing. If the customer affirms on oath that no minors live in the household and that no minors have access to items delivered to him, the goods with an age rating of 18 years and older will be transported in a sealed shipping envelope in the same way as the other goods. If the Customer indicates that minors live in his household or that minors have access to the items delivered to him, the goods will be transported on behalf and for the account of the Customer only by registered mail/delivery by hand. The costs for registered mail/delivered by Deutsche Post AG are € 5.30 per item and are to be borne by the customer.


IBAN: DE 72   5005   0201 1235   5726  23
BIC: HELADEF1822 Bank:

The customer is obliged to pay. Unless otherwise agreed, payments shall be made without deduction to the accounts stated on the invoice.

If a product is no longer available, the contract will not be concluded; in this case Ampelpublishing will inform the customer immediately and refund payments made.

Payments are due upon invoicing and then payable within a period of 30 days after the invoice date. Only the payment methods offered in the context of the order are accepted. All prices quoted are inclusive of the statutory value-added tax; they are always payable in euros.

Reversal of direct debit, unpaid cheques

In the event that a direct debit is returned or not honored, the customer hereby irrevocably authorizes his bank to inform ip of his full name and current address. Termination or the exercise of a right of revocation does not entitle the customer to have amounts paid by way of direct debit rebooked by the bank.

The customer shall bear any chargeback costs resulting from a direct debit that has not been honored. Ampelpublishing is entitled to suspend the delivery of products for the period of a payment arrears and, in the event of default, to charge the statutory default interest as well as a reminder fee of 2.50 euros per reminder; the latter does not apply to the reminder which only causes the customer to default.

Ampelpublishing may pass on costs incurred by Ampelpublishing due to dishonoured cheques to the Customer, unless the Customer is not responsible for this.