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Baltic Adventure by Guido Lange
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It is for all who like to move - running, hiking, cycling or boating. Why not in the Baltic States!
And it is for all who have been to the Baltic States or want to go there. By bike, boat, camper or car. Country, people, culture, food and many stories offers the journey from Stralsund via Poland, Kaliningrad, Lithuania, Latvia to Tallinn in Estonia. 

By the way: You can find the daily stories about the adventures chronologically in my blog

"Abenteuer Transkaukasien - Guido Lange unterwegs im Osten Osteuropas" (german book) is published - order here!
In addition this Blog
: (57 stories for 57 days in a german blog)

ATTENTION - NEW Adventure - new book:
"Abenteuer Atlatik - 4.000 km entlang der Westküste Europas" will be published at Dec 1st 2022.

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