Baltic Adventure Audiobook (english)

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'The Baltic adventure is my very own personal run of a lifetime. It has changed me forever. In 107 days, I journeyed in running shoes along the Baltic Sea from Stralsund to Tallinn. Travelling alone, I was able to devote myself completely to nature, the people and their cultures. Strangers became friends, expectation turned into reality, boldness into self-confidence. I experienced bustling holiday resorts and lonely areas. Enjoyable breaks in the towns and cities alternated with abstinent running days. I felt the mysticism of the Baltic States, the magic of untouched nature and the diversity of people in seven countries. I discovered what I was looking for: new experiences, peace and last but not least, a lot of new things about myself.' (Guido Lange, runner and author)

Chapter Guide
Why, for goodness sake? (Reasons)
Spark, longing, wanderlust (About the beginning)
What do I need? (About the equipment)
Off to the Baltic States! (Running chapter)
Hale and hearty! (Running and health)
Have a bite to eat! (Food in the Baltics)
Where are you headed? (Roads, trails, places in the Baltics) 
Never stop a rolling stone! (Encounters with other travellers) 
It takes all sorts! (The people in the Baltics)
'Without a song or a dance, what are we?' (Culture)
The beauty of the countryside (Landscape and regions) 
What has remained? (A reflection)


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Baltic Adventure Audiobook (english)

Baltic Adventure Audiobook (english)