Audiobook 'Abenteuer Transkaukasien' (german)

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The german audiobook 'Abenteuer Transkaukasien' for Guido Lange by train, bus, cab, ferry and of course running through Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and via Vienna through Austria back home.
The plan was a run from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea over 1000 eventful kilometers. Whether the plan succeeded or it turned out quite differently, and especially what he experienced during the 9 weeks, makes his book so entertaining and interesting. It lives from the stories and encounters in the cities and in the countryside in the extreme southeast of Europe.
A book for all those who like to walk and also like to be on the road. For all those who are interested in Europe and one of its most interesting corners.
A travel adventure that can be enjoyed at home in the armchair or used as inspiration and preparation for your own trip by car, motorcycle, bicycle, ferry, train or bus.
Chapter overview
Chapter 1: Russland: Berlin - Moskau                            duration 20:24 min
Chapter 2: Russland: Der Süden - Rostow am Don       duration 16:08 min
Chapter 3: Aserbaidschan: Baku                                    duration 10:27 min
Chapter 4: Aserbaidschan: Das Land                             duration 41:19 min
Chapter 5: Georgien: Tiflis und Batumi                           duration 25:03 min
Chapter 6: Ukraine: Odessa und Lviv (Lemberg)           duration 22:22 min
Chapter 7: Österreich: Wien bis Passau Donauradweg duration 31:55 min
Chapter 8: Deutschland: Passau bis nachhause            duration 24:55 min


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Audiobook Abenteuer Transkaukasien (german)